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Welcome to my website, my name is Daniel Sáenz, I’m Creative Technology Director at VMLY&R EMEA which means two things: 1) I’m usually the nerdiest person in the room and 2) I’m in charge of building creative solutions involving emerging technologies or innovative ways of using current ones.

During the past 15 years I’ve been able to take some crazy ideas and make them true, from web-based videogames to celebrate the launch of an animated TV shows, to a filter to help colorblind soccer fans see their team’s colors; or from a website that changes depending on the allergens on your area to promote allergy medicine to gamified proto-metaverses to teach children financial education.

Even though I’m originally a psychologist I’ve been a developer for the past 20 years which has allowed me to create tech solutions for clients like Coca Cola, Johnny Walker, Fiat, Bayer, Telefonica, Microsoft, Tinder, Movistar, Burger King, among many others.

And even though I came to the advertising world almost by accident, I manage to win some awards including a Golden Cannes Lion. Not bad.










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Excel -_-


2019 – now VMLY&R Spain / Creative Tech Director

2016 – 2019 Y&R Madrid / Digital Development & Innovation Director

2015 – 2016 Awesome Web Marketing / Programming Director

2013 – 2015 Wunderman Bogotá / Programming Director

2013 – 2015 Y&R Bogotá / Creative Director


Birthday 1982.06.29 Líbano, Colombia

Languages Spanish & English (Native Level)

Nationality Colombian (Spanish Residency)


2021 Customer Experience

2019 Human Center Design

2010 Graphic Design

2006 Psychology

2002+ Programming


Easygoing, friendly, responsible, funny, teamworker, great at managing crisis, selling ideas and telling bad jokes.


The Metaverse, technology, customer experience, human design, movies, travel, podcasting, illustration, photography, music.

08Some Accolades

Customer Exprience Certified by Forester.

Winner of several advertising awards including Golden and Bronze Cannes Lions.

09Some Clients

Coca Cola, Telefónica, Ford, Fiat, Foster’s Hollywood, British American Tobacco, Microsoft, LG, Cinfa, Procter & Gamble, beIN Sports, Movistar Series.

10Featured work

Game is not over

Client: Virtual Hero

Scope: Direction, UX, Development

Abstract: An interactive game where you use your smartphone as controller and any computer screen as display to promote the launch of the animated TV show "Virtual Hero".


Client: Opel

Scope: Direction

Abstract: A social media activation based on social listening that took control over the conversation around one of the most topical jokes in spanish culture.

The Billboard that says yes

Client: Cruz Roja

Scope: Direction, Development, UX

Abstract: An interactive billboard for homeless people that showed them live information about shelters, free food, weather, etc.

A Billboard for your Eyes

Client: Federópticos

Scope: Direction, Development, UX, Programming

Abstract: A billboard that detected if you had problems reading the copy using face recognition software and showed a promotion accordingly.


Client: Coca Cola Puerto Rico

Scope: Digital Direction, Web Design, Development

Abstract: The first ever web domain using the smile emoji instead of regular characters.

Fifa 14

Client: Microsoft

Scope: Art direction, Motion Graphics, Digital direction

Abstract: To celebrate the first time Fifa 14 showcased colombian teams we replaced the replay shots from a live match with gameplay footage of the exact same play.

Safe Window

Client: beIN sports

Scope: Direction, Development, UX, Programming

Abstract: A football news website disguised as the software you regularly use in your job. We had a selection of 11 different interfaces from email, to spreadsheets, to 3D software.

True Colors

Client: beIN sports

Scope: Direction, Development, Programming

Abstract: An algorithm that helped color blind people see football games in a better way.

Live Preroll

Client: beIN sports

Scope: Direction, Development, Programming

Abstract: The only preroll that showed a live feed of the most important football match in Spain. We created our own media platform to display it on a renowned sports online magazine.